Mrs. Stendhal

Original Title: La senyora Stendhal

Author: Rafel Nadal

Girona (Catalonia), 1990. The serendipitous discovery of an old postcard in a second-hand bookshop, situated in the old quarter, brings back many memories to Lluc, the protagonist, and makes him unearth the most tumultuous periods of his childhood.

A small town in the Guilleries valley, 1943. Lluc lives with his adoptive family, and tries to forget the death by treason of his mother in the last day of the war. Mrs Stendhal’s tenderness, Dani’s rebelliousness and Grandpa Dídac’s wisdom follow the innocent look of the book in a landscape full of emotions and promises. But Lluc will also have to confront the ghosts of the past, and of a post-war lead by the winners –who only think of vengeance. It will be too late when he learns that vengeance will never fill in for justice.

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CATALAN | Columna / Planeta

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