Silent Evidence

(Hall & Lander #1)

Publication: 2024

Author: Clea Koff

Jayne Hall and Steelie Lander are forensic anthropologists and together they are Agency 32/1, a non-profit missing persons resource centre named after Article 32 Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions. They use their unique skills to identify bodies others have given up on. After swapping war crimes investigations in Kosovo and Rwanda for Los Angeles, Hall and Lander now regularly assist the FBI with their most sensitive – and dangerous – investigations.

When a bundle of frozen body parts tumbles out the rear door of a van on a Los Angeles freeway, FBI agent Scott Houston knows just where to go for an off-the-record analysis: Agency 32/1. Jayne and Steelie quickly determine that the remains are human, though from several women. But Scott’s call has unintended consequences for the two women, putting their lives in jeopardy, as their unique skills uncover evidence leading directly to the killer…

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Original Language

ENGLISH (World) | Avon/HarperCollins

Translation Rights

FRENCH | Éditions Héloïse d'Ormesson

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