(Hall & Lander #3)

Publication: 2025

Author: Clea Koff

Steelie tapped the X-ray. “If you hadn’t told me all of these bones were from the same person, I’d have said this was a female skull while this was a male pelvis.”

At the bequest of the FBI, Jayne and Steelie travel to Atlanta to participate in a mobile recovery operation for the remains of victims of convicted murderer Eugene King, known as the Green River Serial Killer. Thirteen women are still missing and now Gene has agreed to show the locations of the bodies to Special Agents Scott Houston and Eric Ramos. But Gene has already crossed paths with Jayne and Steelie in the past, and Jayne finds it increasingly difficult to separate her personal and professional lives. Then an unexpected new client shows up at the agency in LA begging for help to find his missing sister who was intersex and has slipped through the cracks in the coroner’s system that classifies sex as only male or female . And little do Jayne and Steelie suspect that the two cases are linked and that, despite the FBI’s best efforts, they will find their lives in danger once again.

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Original Language

ENGLISH (World) | Avon/HarperCollins

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