Quixote in the Congo River

Original Title: Quijote en el Congo

Publication: 2023

Author: Xavier Aldekoa

One river. A thousand realities. Xavier Aldekoa ventures into the Congo River to immortalize the stories of its people. 

«For over two months of navigation I was Sancho Panza. Just like the squire from the greatest novel of epic chivalry ever written, I became a fascinated witness of an unknown world that was opening up before me, while crossing a quixotic, almost mystical river that bravely and recklessly entered an impassable jungle, building an extraordinary story in its wake.»

Throughout more than 4.700 kilometers, the Congo River, the essence of both wealth and scars of an entire continent, is an open door to the history, culture and traditions of the peoples who inhabit its banks. Xavier Aldekoa has traveled the great African river from its sources to its estuary to delve into the reality of a region: rich, wounded, and alive.

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SPANISH | Península

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