Original Title: Indestructibles

Publication: 2019

Author: Xavier Aldekoa

Africa beyond the bloodshed. In Africa, the continent with the highest birth rate, thousands of children are exposed every year to traumatic situations. War, extremism, abuse, poverty, and the effects of climate change are some of the problems that affect millions of young Africans daily.

In this book, Xavier Aldekoa tells us some of their stories. The stories of people, many of them children, who go through difficulties and traumatic situations but try to get ahead through strength and perseverance, even if they don’t always succeed. From a former child soldier in Congo to a girl kidnapped by Boko Haram and three brothers left orphans after an Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, Aldekoa goes past the traumas, showing not only the difficulties his subjects have to live through but their strength and their capacity to overcome.

Indestructible gives a name to these future heroes of the African continent, and through them not only penetrates the history, politics, an culture of Africa, but also reveals to us in a way only Aldekoa can the dignity of this forgotten continent.

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SPANISH | Península

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