Africa Ocean

Original Title: Océano África

Publication: 2014

Author: Xavier Aldekoa

This is the story of dirt roads, journeys on dilapidated buses and shared plates of millet. It is also about the tears of a war veteran from South Sudan, the negotiation over a dowry in a South African village and the desperate hunger of nomads in the Horn of Africa.

For over a decade, Xavier Aldekoa has travelled the African continent where he has witnessed civil wars, silent famines and the collapse of nations. The Polish reporter Ryszard Kapuscinski said that Africa doesn’t exist and he was probably right, but of course Africans do. This is a book by a journalist in Africa but it is also the laughter, anger, dance, death, celebration and life of a land of incredible human and cultural richness.

Africa is an ocean. It is a never-ending and seemingly homogenous place when seen at the surface but diverse and extraordinary when we dive into it.

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