All Castaways

Original Title: Todos náufragos

Author: (Estate of) Ramón Lobo

"I’m 60 years old and I still fantasize about being someone else, having another father, another family. Always bearing the weight of my childhood on my shoulders, of the different personalities and versions of myself that I continue to feed and to carry. I’m a guy who is permanently at war with himself, a subterranean war. I am prisoner of a tragic tale from which I cannot escape. I am like Spain: defeated by Franco, victim of a badly resolved transition to democracy, incapable of digging up the dead from the common graves. I need to unbury the small boy who disappeared, the one who could have been and was not, and place him in the intimate place of memory that corresponds to him."

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Original Language

SPANISH | Debolsillo/Ediciones B


Rodolfo Walsh Award 2016

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