July 23rd, 2010

Walter Riso will be published in China

Born in Italy, as a child Walter Riso emigrated with his parents to Argentina and later settled in Colombia. Riso is a psychologist with extensive professional training and academic experience.


Walter Riso has hit on a way of explaining, in simple and direct language, and therefore much more effectively, the main problems that hinder people from living their lives fully and having balanced and satisfactory relationships. His books confront the most anguishing questions in a natural way, and in them readers find the help they need to change their lives, increase their quality of living, and live better. Books of psychology written for the layman in which the author presents problems and offers suggestions, informed by years of professional experience and an acute sensibility for perceiving the nature of difficulties and their solutions. In recent years, Riso’s work, published by Grupo Editorial Norma in Argentina and by Zenith/Planeta in Spain, has sold 1,7 million copies. His work has also been translated into German, Dutch, Italian, Greek and Portuguese in Portugal and Brazil. And now he will be published in Chinese as well. He writes in Spanish and lives between Bogotá and Barcelona.

Translation rights handled by Pontas.