July 1st, 2010

“Poetess in Dubai” by Nazli Ghassemi, a new Pontas client

We are glad to annouce that Pontas has become the literary agency of Nazli Ghassemi and we are happy to be sending the first submissions of her debut novel Poetess in Dubai, written originally in English language, thinking that this could find a space in good catalogues around the world, besides being adapted into a film or a tv series.


About Poetess in Dubai

Maya Olivia Bibnaz Rostampisheh-Williams, a single, thirty-nine-year-old American expatriate, has been drifted.to Dubai, the flamboyant hub of the Inshallah region, better known as the Middle East. Maya sheds a humorous light on life in the region through the adventures that she and her friends experience while searching for love in Dubai.

We get an insider’s view of the daily lives of Maya and her entourage: Janet, a thirty-three-year-old American globetrotter, who is becoming increasingly Arabized; Asif, a gay British-Pakistani man in his mid-thirties who has just tied the knot, Michelle, a hot Lebanese in her twenties, who enjoys her men and her family back in Beirut. And Mark Clover, an American newcomer to the region, who Maya is falling in love with, slowly but surely. They take us from the mall’s ski slopes, to Elton John in Abu Dhabi, art galleries in the middle of industrial areas, beaches at the Persian Gulf, and even to Iran’s free zone Island of Kish across the Gulf.


About the author:

Nazli Ghassemi was born in Iran where she finished middle school. She grew up in Europe and America and has travelled extensively. After studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of California, San Diego, she worked variously as a dance instructor, hotel receptionist, businesswoman, translator, a ghost writer, and teacher.

Her travels took her back to Iran, where she worked for a few years before moving to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she currently resides. Turning her cross-cultural experiences into humorous novels has been her dream.