July 5th, 2011

“The Heretic’s Track” by Susana Fortes

Award winning author Susana Fortes is back to the literary scene with her ninth novel! The Heretic´s Track (published in Spanish by Planeta) is already in the bestselling lists, mainly in Galicia, since this new book is set in Santiago de Compostela. The Pontas team is happy to announce that we have already sold translation rights into Italian (to Nord /MauriSpagnol Group) and into Portuguese (to Porto Editora).

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Next September 2011, we´ll be celebrating that Pontas represents Susana Fortes since fifteen years ago and we are proud to have been next to her all these fifteen years managing her literary career and seeing how many of her books have turned into great success, in sales, praise, awards and readers in many countries! After having sold the film rights of her previous novel Waiting for Robert Capa to Michael Mann  ´s production company Forward Pass (who will team with Columbia Pictures, with a script written by Jez Butterworth), we can’ t wait to see the adaptation in the big screen! (the novel will be finally published in English by HarperCollins US next fall).The synopsis: The city of Santiago de Compostela is convulsed after the discovery of the body of a young woman inside the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and the disappearance of a manuscript by Prisciliano from the library of the university. An old local policeman, Lois Castro, has to deal with both cases with the unexpected collaboration of two special journalists: Laura Márquez, a young intern arriving to the city escaping from her own ghosts, and Villamil, an expert that is feeling at the end of his career. This is a novel full of rhythm, where ecologists and pilgrims are mixed up with university teachers, business people and priests in a city full of mysteries.

Some readers have said:

”A plot with a trepidant rythm, where we meet ecologists, pilgrims, university profesors, financial sharks and catholic priests... As in all good crime novels, as well in this, the importance lay in the complex, deep, hurt and i bit lost but struggling carachters – the author has also succeded creating a complete social mosaic turned into a smart reflexion on the world we live in.”

The Heretic’s Track is a story with multiple layers being revelead as a babushka doll”

“An addictive thriller that urges the reader to travel in time and sets the threatening and misty atmosphere of the best detective fiction to the unforgettable streets of Santiago de Compostela.”

And the media coverage has been strong.

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