November 23rd, 2010

“Mephisto’s Gold” by Eric Frattini

Eric Frattini´s new novel, El oro de Mefisto (Mephisto´s Gold) was published at the end of September 2010 by Espasa Calpe in its original Spanish language. In such difficult times for book’s sales, the novel has found its way through readers and is reaching 15,000 copies sold so far!! Right after the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Pontas team managed to sell Italian translation rights to Nord (an imprint of MauriSpagnol Group) and other deals will be closed before the end of the year in Brazil, Portugal and The Netherlands.


About the novel:

Against the backdrop of Nazi Germany in 1944 and a Europe devastated by Word War II, the new historical thriller by Eric Frattini retrieves the evil character August Lienart. This time, the young seminarian is involved in a large-scale operation, commanded by the mysterious organization Odessa, that tries to find an escape route for the Nazis to flee through and, after that, the way to give birth to the Fourth Reich. But which was the role of the Church in this war criminals escape? The shrewd and much dangerous Lienart will take part of a succession of fast-paced plots and intrigues that keep the reader  gripped  right  up  to the  last  revelation.

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Some photos of the promotion of the novel around Spain:


About the author:

Eric Frattini worked as a correspondent in the Middle East, has lived in Beirut, Nicosia and Jerusalem and is the author of around twenty books. His works have been translated into eleven languages. Frattini is the director and scriptwriter of many  research documentaries for the main Spanish televisions. In 2007, he published his first novel El Quinto Mandamiento (The Fifth Commandment), and it was followed by El laberinto de Agua (The Labyrinth of Water) and El oro de Mefisto (Mephisto's Gold).

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