November 17th, 2010

“Luzazul”: winner of the Premio La Galera Jóvenes Lectores 2010

Luzazul the first novel by Carmen Fernández Villalba, is the winner of the Premio La Galera Jóvenes Lectores 2010. It is a gripping story, set in the future, about five teenagers and their quest to save a world that has discarded them. A story about fantasy, friendship, and the puzzles of normality. Written in Spanish, it has just been published both in Spanish and Catalan languages by La Galera.


The synopsis: 

Iris is a perfectly normal girl living in the Global Galaxy. But when it is discovered that she is able to dream she is classified as useless and sent away to planet Noveno, where the defect children and broken machines go. In the Global Galaxy fantasy and dreams are strictly forbidden. Left on her own in the worst spot of the galaxy she is loosing hope just as a group of mutant boys enters the scene. That is the beginning of a warm friendship, but something is wrong: Why are the stars dying? And where has all the fantasy gone to?


Together they have to save the universe. An old prophecy might answer their questions, but first they have to figure out the meaning: What is Mystery of the Luzazul?


The Jury of the award said: The book "ties all the ends of the story together perfectly and it finishes as a fabulous and touching novel… it is a portrait of life in a fantastic and future reality full of accurate and profound reflexions”.


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