August 3rd, 2011

Frankfurt StoryDrive 2011: "Storytelling + Storyselling"

“Storytelling & Storyselling” is the motto of Frankfurt StoryDrive 2011 within next Frankfurt Book Fair. AtPontas we are glad to help to promote the two-days conference (October 12th  and 13th) and its adjacent trading centre that will focus on new forms of storytelling and current trends in the media and entertainment industries, along with rights and co-production models that extend beyond industry boundaries.

storydrive-business-center frankfurt-storydrive

“Transmedia has been a hot topic in recent years but its potential has not yet been fully exploited. We’d like to remedy this situation. As the first organised meeting place for all players, StoryDrive serves as an engine for cross-industry collaboration”, announced project manager Britta Friedrich. “This year we will be offering master classes for the first time. How can you convincingly pitch a project to an investor? What does a script has to look like to get Hollywood’s attention? What´s the difference between co-production, collaboration and traditional licensing, and what are the pros and cons of each? Each two hour-master class will be led by a renowned media professional and will include practical information”.


This platform for media and enternainment worlds offers not only a high-quality conference programm, but also its own Business Centre (located in Hall 6.0, right news the Literary Agents & Scouts Centre) dedicated to crossmedia rights and collaboration. Targeted networking events will help participants establish new contacts and business partners in other industries.


"Around a third of all films are based on literary sources. As the biggest international book and media fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair has thus always been a treasure trove of material and stories for producers. But the crossmedia conference Frankfurt StoryDrive doesn't just bring together potential partners from the film and publishing industries. It also provides a platform for key players from the worlds of games and finance. StoryDrive focuses on new crossmedia and transmedia forms of storytelling and collaboration - for example, cross-industry co-productions and the doors they open for financing major projects. In our Master Classes, we will share success stories and provide the tools needed for effective 360-degree storytelling. Our programme will

feature industry thought leaders, including the producer of the Harry Potter films David Heyman." also said Britta Friedrich.


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