Seven Days on the Riviera

Original Title: Siete días en la Riviera

Publication: 2022

Author: Miquel Molina

An invitation to discover the Riviera with a voice that evokes an artistically mythicized past and present.

In the summer of 2021, Miquel Molina travels the Italian and French Riviera during 7 days, embarking on an emotional and cultural journey that rescues the essence of the landscapes that inspired and seduced the English Romantics, as well as the Rolling Stones, in the seventies, and Patti Smith.

Along with the author, the reader will witness Percy Shelley’s shipwreck, the partial shipwreck of Keith Richard and his son in a nearby area, Mary Shelley’s melancholic retreat at Villa Magni, the passages written by Eugenio Montale and Italo Calvino and, among many other memorable moments in this book, the move of the Rolling Stones and their relatives’ to Villefrance-sur-Mer to “seek a more benign fiscal environment than that of their own country.”

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