Alicia and the Theory of Infinite Monkeys

Original Title: Alicia y el teorema de los monos infinitos

Publication: 2016

Author: Mayte Uceda

After the death of her husband, Alicia inherits a vineyard in Mallorca and a dog. But she doesn’t know anything about vineyards. And she doesn’t like dogs.

After struggling with the vineyard for six years, living with a dog that hates her, Alicia starts to realize how lonely she is. So she decides to address the problem by making a drastic decision. She longs for a life companion, but the man she was convinced was her one true soulmate died in an absurd accident. Almost forty, she decides to give up on the search for a perfect man.

However, all this will change when Marco comes into her life. He is a young, extremely attractive Corsican who is also an agricultural engineer specialized in wine production. And he’s interested in her.

Could fate have come up with a better gift, or is it too good to be true?

Alicia and the Theory of Infinite Monkeys is an enchanting story of love soaked in wine, passion, intrigue and sharp humour.

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Original Language

SPANISH | Planeta

Translation Rights

BULGARIAN | Hermes Books
GERMAN | Piper Verlag
ITALIAN | Newton Compton

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