A House in Amargura

Original Title: Una casa en Amargura 

Author: Elisa Vázquez de Gey

Cuba, 1882. A woman, turned into a slave, fights to recover her roots.

La Habana, 1882. Young Dulce starts to search for the two stolen daughters of Misterio, her beloved maid and previously a slave, so she can honour her memory and fulfill her last wish.
The surprise is huge when she realizes that Misterio was sold as a slave in an African town, before being given to different masters and giving birth to two daughters, who are now required in La Habana to be able to open and read Misterio’s will…

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Original Language

SPANISH | Ediciones B


«I loved it! It has great potential and it fits perfectly in our line of landscape novels where we publish Sarah Lark, Nicole C. Vosseler, Elizabeth Haran… Elisa Vázquez de Gey can become a central Spanish language figure in this line» Editor, Ediciones B

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