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Elisa Vázquez de Gey

Born in Lugo in 1955, Elisa Vázquez de Gey holds a degree in French Philology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, and is the author of several books of poetry. Meeting the niece of the Spanish maharani of Kapurthala, Anita Delgado, and investigating her amazing story changed her life and her literary career. She has written a biography entitled La princesa de Kapurthala (Planeta, 2008) and the novel El sueño de la Maharaní (Grialbo, 2007). In 2015, she published Una casa en Amargura (Ediciones B). She’s currently working on a novel about Ada Falcón. Elisa Vázquez de Gey lives in A Coruña and divides her time between lecturing and writing.