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Alex Rawlings

Alex Rawlings was born and grew up in London in 1991. He was raised bilingually and bi-culturally between the U.K. and Greece, which set off his insatiable curiosity for the world, its peoples, and the languages they speak. He self-taught himself multiple languages as a teenager, and aged 20 won a nationwide competition to be named Britain's most multilingual student in 2012, after being tested for fluency in 11 different languages. He has gone on to study many more and has lived in and travelled to multiple different countries around the world. His first book, How To Speak Any Language Fluently, was published in 2017. Alex writes about learning languages, indigenous and endangered languages, geopolitics, and globalisation through the lens of multilingualism. He has written feature stories for BBC Future and contributed to debates surrounding multilingualism, language acquisition and minoritised languages for the Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Welle, TV3, and other media outlets around the world.