November 25th, 2008


Last Thursday November 20th I had a meeting at the Planeta building in Barcelona to introduce Josep Maria Esquirol, writer and philosopher, to his editors at Paidós (Carme Castells and Patricia Sánchez). His new book, The Breath of the Days, A Philosophical Reflection on the Experience of Time, will be published next March 2009 in Spanish and Catalan languages, and I would like to tell a story that reflects how this writer is and what’s the book about. I think is a beautiful story to share!


One day, after having published several books, Josep Maria Esquirol decided he wanted to have a literary agent. And he thought I could be the one. We had met some time ago on a cultural radio programme we were both participating in quite often. It was by the end of 2006. He called Pontas wanting to talk to me but Martina Torrades told him I wasn’ t there.


- When can I reach her? – he asked.

- Well, she’ ll be back next year – answered Martina.


(For the ones who may not know: I left my own company from May 2006 until November 2007 as I was appointed Commissioner for the Catalan Culture programme as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2007).


- Next year? – he asked. – Ok, no problem, I’ll wait. I’ll call her back then in one year.


Martina was kind of shocked and, although she tried hard, she couldn’t find any way to keep his attention.

And Josep Maria Esquirol called me again one day of November 2007. And I was there. And we met and Pontas became his agency. And we sold his new book to Paidós as it was his wish. And we’ve learned that time can be a very abstract concept, depending on how you measure it. And I’m sure this book will be a success.

By the way, international publishers: all translation rights are still available!!