April 8th, 2011

Roc Casagran and his “Panda Bear by the Zebra Crossing”

Finally the new (and second) novel by Catalan author Roc Casagran has been published by Columna. Roc is one of the most original and fresh voices in the Catalan literary scene and the Pontas team is proud to be representing him internationally.


About A Panda Bear by the Zebra Crossing:

In Baljo’s world there is Gambia and people who live for the day and always have a smile on their lips despite the difficulties. Boats lost in the Atlantic, mafias and death, cold nights out in the open, walls and tanks, dreams of finding a job in the white people’s city, horrible feeling of home sick and tears that will never dry.

In the world of Blanca there is a well fare system, perfect love, people trying to be happy, friendships taken for granted, literature, solitary souls, computer screens with well said words and silences hard to break.

And in between these two worlds -perhaps not so different in the end-, where both Baljo and Blanca are illuminated by the white and black tones in life- there is a panda bear trying to cross the street.

Roc Casagran (Sabadell, 1980) works in projects related to teaching Catalan language to immigrants. He is the author of three awarded and acclaimed poetry books and is co-author of Camí d'Itaca together with Oleguer Presas. He collaborates with several magazines and has his own blog.