April 15th, 2010

“Everything Has A Price”: Neus Arqués’ new novel

Everything Has A Price by Neus Arqués (published by Alienta Editorial) invites the reader to identify with the main characters in their business environment: a multinational firm, a small HR consulting agency, a city council department.


The synopsis: A new session of the postgraduate programme on Marketing begins in Barcelona. Its three female participants approach the course as a way to get ahead professionally. Yet, somewhere between the classroom and the office, life sets out to test their acquired knowledge, their goals, and their own beliefs.

By following the course syllabus, the main characters answer the question: What must you give up in order to have what you want?


All translation rights and film rights are available at Pontas.


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About the author: Neus Arqués writes about real life for real women. In A Man for Hire (Un hombre de pago) she wonders if sex without love is indeed an efficient proposition. A Woman In Your Position (Una mujer como tú) joins four girlfriends in their winding road to personal fulfilment. With a fresh voice and a strong sense of dialogue, Arqués dives fearlessly into our secret agendas and uses Almodovar-like situations to present the reader with uncomfortable topics. Barcelona born and bred, the author, who holds a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, runs her own Marketing agency. She is also a professor of Marketing in several programmes. Other projects by Arqués include being a mother, being a wife and keeping up with her friends and her blog.