Author: Jill Johnson

A high-pitched scream in a residential London street disrupts a quiet Saturday afternoon, and events are put in motion that will cause the life of an innocent bystander to unravel.

Eustacia Rose is a professor of botanical toxicology with an extensive private collection of poisonous plants, which she tends to with meticulous care. Her life is quiet. She lives alone. Every day she follows a strict routine, tending to her plants with an exact science because if she is careless, there is a viable risk of death. Her routine never changes, each day is the same as the last. Until the moment she hears a scream and the temptation to investigate proves irresistible.

Through her telescope, the Professor is drawn into the life of an extraordinarily beautiful woman and she begins to keep a detailed account of the men who visit her, giving each the nomenclature of a poisonous plant according to the toxic effect they have on the young woman. Gradually, Professor Rose realises it’s her duty to protect her from these men, just as she would protect a rare and valuable plant from extraneous damage in her own collection.

When someone known to the woman is murdered with a toxin derived from a rare poisonous plant, Professor Rose finds herself implicated in the crime and in order to prove her innocence, she must first deal with the shadows of her own past.

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Original Language

CZECH | Grada / Metafora

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