Riot: An intimate exploration of motherhood and love

Original Title: Desmadre. Una mirada sincera a la maternidad y al amor.

Author: Pamela Rodríguez

Camila is a divorced artist from Lima who has an eight-year-old daughter. She is in contact with Juan, whom she met through Tinder. He’s from La Coruña, just like her daughter’s father. They quickly get to know one another, without filters, until even the 10,000 kilometers between them cannot stop their onscreen passion becoming much more. Shortly after meeting in Lima, Camila and Juan discover that they are going to become parents, with Juan becoming a father for the first time. Thus begins Camilla’s first-person reflection on motherhood, relationships, love, family and sexuality.

A story that recounts the moment a man and woman “match” on Tinder, to the day their daughter takes her very first steps.

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Original Language

SPANISH (Perú) | Planeta Perú
SPANISH (World excluding Perú) | Contraluz / Grupo Anaya