Ferran Guallar

Ferran Guallar (Barcelona, 1968) has spent half a lifetime in Africa leading a nature conservation program, living together with researchers and chimpanzees, and studying them both with equal interest. He graduated in Economic Sciences at the University of Barcelona and worked in corporations such as Microsoft, until the cry of the jungle was too loud to ignore and he decided to apply his skills to non-profit projects on cultural diversity, travel and nature conservation, among others, at the Jane Goodall Institute in West Africa, which he founded. He's been a promoter for a program on African women empowerment, a lecturer, a travel guide and a video reporter in about one hundred countries, where he has lived with the Taliban, slept in lost pyramids in the middle of the desert and worked in areas in full Ebola outbreak. He currently combines writing novels with teaching at the Laboratori de Lletres writing school in Barcelona.