Ferran Guallar

Ferran Guallar (Barcelona, 1968) has spent half a lifetime in Africa leading a nature conservation program, living together with researchers and chimpanzees, and studying them both with equal interest.  In other past half lifetimes (he is not good at maths), he has been a marketing executive at a software corporation, a musician, a promoter for a program on african women empowerment, a lecturer, a travel guide and a video reporter in about one hundred countries, where he has lived with the Taliban, slept in lost pyramids in the middle of the desert and worked in areas in full Ebola outbreak, just before trying his most difficult challenge ever: stopping, sitting on a chair and writing novels, screenplays and TV series. Currently, he is still a consultant for a chimpanzee reserve in Africa.  His first novel Field Notes of an Alpha Male means to be a provoking apology of relativism, inspired by his life experiences.