Where The Heart Is

#4 part of Kouplan Series

Original Title: Finns det hjärterum

Kouplan doesn’t want to ever again think of the life he once had. He now has his Swedish residence permit and an internship at the library —far from the dangers of being an undocumented refugee doing detective work. But there is one thing he cannot put out of his head: what happened to his brother?

In the small town Uppsala, plumber Victor Holmberg wakes up in cold sweat every night. His past is haunting him. Just when he thought the horrors were behind him, they return with even more strength: the men who never stop searching.

In Hagsätra, nine illegal immigrants share a three-room apartment. For a salary of 15 kronor per hour they clean, cook and serve, avoid the police and their bosses’ bosses. When one of them is murdered, everyone keeps going like never happened, like nothing happened.

In the search for his brother, Kouplan is forced to face the shadows again. Maybe, they never left.

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SWEDISH | Piratförlaget

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