The Secret of Provence House

Publication: 2020

Laura Cuddihy is a 35-year-old American language academic of Spanish-Palestinian origin raised in New York by a wealthy step-father. Despite her privileged background, she has had trouble making ends meet working in academia and finding her way in a world still largely dominated by men.

Through a friend’s recommendation, Laura is unexpectedly tasked with translating ancient scrolls in the grand family home of Camilla Guinness, Provence House, a Tudor mansion in Cornwall. Getting to work surrounded by the quintessential British aristocracy and dreamy Cornish countryside, she soon realizes the explosive nature of the texts, and their radical implications. Matters are complicated further when Laura finds herself increasingly drawn into the family, as her relationship with Camilla deepens and the attraction between her and Camilla’s married son, James, blossoms.

Laura’s life will take unexpected turns as her translation of the codex advances, turning her life upside down yet bringing self-knowledge and a sense of purpose, as she prepares to reveal an explosive secret with global repercussions.

From Cornwall to New York, Venice, Mallorca and Sicily, and intertwining the story lines of the codex with Laura’s life, The Secret of Provence House is a gripping triangular love story full of historical depth.

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ENGLISH (UK & Commonwealth excl. Canada) | One More Chapter / HarperCollins UK

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