Steering North

Second Book of Monika

Original Title: Bära och brista

Publication: 2021

After a minor breakdown at work, Monika goes on a therapeutic writing retreat in Arvidsjaur. The course brings together a diverse group of participants, and it will be a transformative week for her. In parallel, Monika's ancestors step out of the past: Lisa, who came to Stockholm to look for her fiancé;  Stone, who killed his mother with his size; Sara-Maria, who would have gone to America - their stories come to life and become pieces of a puzzle that Monika strives to put together.

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Original Language

SWEDISH | Piratförlaget


"Sara Lövestam is heartbreakingly funny, with an ability to write easily and entertainingly about heavy topics without becoming superficial." Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

"Sara Lövestam's Monika Books are the most fun reading in a long time. The performance is simply, well, delightful." Bodil Jugas, Arbetarbladet