Operation Kerman

Original Title: Operación Kerman

Author: Sama Helalli

Operation Kerman is a thrilling novel filled with humor and social and political commentary, which boldly confronts the outdated norms of existing intelligence organizations.

Vera and Cloe are two friends who, due to a curious twist of fate, end up sharing something far more than a simple friendship. Living in the Parisian banlieue and fed up with seeing their dreams, their work and their pride trampled by the wealthiest in society, they decide to take matters into their own hands and rob unscrupulous millionaires as a sideline job.

However, despite the apparent success of their latest heist, a call catches them by surprise a few days later: it is Gladys, the wife of the robbery victim, who announces that she knows what they have done. But, far from handing them over to the police or demanding the return of what was stolen, she makes them an unusual job offer: track down an exceptional 18th-century Persian carpet valued at 4 million dollars belonging to her family which has been stolen from a museum. She tells them the story of Della, a teenaged girl and weaver of unmatched talent, who lived in the Iranian city of Kerman, famous for its carpets. The carpet holds immense sentimental value for Gladys' family and she fears it will now be sold on the black market.

Cloe and Vera accept the job, thus setting in motion a daring plan to infiltrate the shadowy world of the black market and retrieve the artifact. As they dive headfirst into the high-stakes mission, they find themselves in a luxurious Parisian mansion, training alongside a remarkable team. In the company of Sofia, a brilliant but amnesiac former hacker, and the versatile assistants Jean-Luc and Adrien, the duo undergoes a series of challenges, which take them from Paris to the south of France, Monaco, Russia and Iran. Their ultimate goal? To successfully reclaim the stolen rug and unravel a web of secrets that leads them into the heart of cutting-edge international intelligence agencies. They just have to learn how to fire a gun first...

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Original Language

SPANISH | Roca Editorial
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