In The Deep Blue Sea

Original Title: I havet finns så många stora fiskar

In a small town in the north of Sweden, someone is watching. Curtains, and forty-six millimeters of a triple pane, protect the Watcher from the outside world. Outside the window, seasons change. One can watch trees lose their leaves, and witness the first October snow. But most importantly, the window provides a full view of a kindergarten. At eleven every morning the children come out and play, and if you watch them you almost forget about the past. Until the children in the yard are the very ones that start reminding you…

In the yard of the kindergarten, five-year-old Malte has found a pinecone. It’s a pinecone so green it’s almost luminous. Looking at it, he can almost forget everything else. Mother, who stays in bed all day, father, who paid him a visit when he was three. And the man with the blond hair, who might be his friend, or something completely different.

In The Deep Blue Sea tells a story of what can happen to a child when society’s safety net carry big holes. It tells of the silences a child prefers to keep about what happens at home, and how that silence and those holes in the net allow darker forces to get closer. But In the deep blue sea is also a story of courage and light. Who dares to face a memory, who dares to see? Who dares to make a difference?

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