An Image in a Mirror

Author: Ijangolet S Ogwang

Born in rural Uganda, Nyakale and Achen are identical twins. Then their mother decides to give one away to her sister in South Africa for a shot at a better life, and to assuage the guilt of her sibling´s childlessness.

At the heart of this beautifully woven novel is the coming-of-age of two girls growing up in separate worlds that are as different as they are similar. Torn apart by distance and their mother´s drastic choice, Nyakale and Achen despise one another for what each imagines the other to have.

But when the sisters finally meet twenty-two years later, how will it feel to come face to face?

Interweaving two contrasting paths to adulthood, as Nyakale and Achen navigate the politics of their respective spheres, An Image in a Mirror is a moving and insightful tale of adolescence, Africa, family and identity.

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Original Language

ENGLISH (South Africa) | Blackbird Books
ENGLISH (UK) | Legend Press

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