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The Warehouse

The Warehouse


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The Warehouse

Author: Saqib Mausoof

When a warehouse burns down in Waziristan, insurance investigator Cash is sent to survey the damage. He arrives in Tank, a poverty stricken provincial town and discovers an embezzlement scheme that puts him on the wrong side of the Pakistani secret police and his bosses. As he seeks a compromise between warring ideologies, Cash is haunted by memories of a dead wife and his duty as a father to a gifted teenage daughter. Amid blanketing corruption and universal suspicion, Cash finds himself bullied, threatened and finally kidnapped by the Taliban for ransom.
After a devastating drone attack, Cash is set free and finds himself leading a motley crew of refugees to a safe haven that may–or may not– exist. But in the desolation of the tribal badlands, Cash finds a fleeting love in the radiant Bilqees, a widow of a Taliban commander. But keeping that love might be a prelude to losing everything else, especially the desire to return home.
The Warehouse hurtles through war-torn Waziristan, as our protagonist moves from danger to danger, negotiating a terrain that’s been abused and fought over for far too long for even its residents to truly grasp its politics. Populated with characters who linger on in the imagination, this is a great read for anyone who loves mystery,romance, political thrillers and all around gripping storytelling.

Original language

ENGLISH (Indian sub.)| Hachette India

Translation rights

FRENCH | Éditions de l’Aube

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