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The Blind Lady’s Descendants

The Blind Lady’s Descendants

The Blind Lady’s Descendants

Author: Anees Salim

Born to silently warring parents, Amar Hamsa grows up in a crumbling house called the Bungalow, anticipating tragedies and ignominies. True to his dark premonitions, bad luck soon starts cascading into his life. At twenty-six, he decides to narrate his story as an almost 300-page suicide note to an imaginary audience and skeletons tumble out of every cupboard in the Bungalow. The Blind Lady’s Descendants is a sweeping family saga that traces the daily struggles, apprehensions and aspirations of an Indian Muslim family and its total decadence.

Original language

ENGLISH (Indian) | Tranquenbar
ENGLISH (Indian paperback) | Penguin India

«With exquisite humour and language that sparkles, Anees Salim surpasses himself.» The Hindu

«One of the most notable voices and one of the outstanding storytellers in contemporary Indian writing. Salim’s last three books—Vanity Bagh, Tales from a Vending Machine and The Blind Lady’s Descendants—feature lower-middle-class Indian Muslim protagonists and chronicle the minutiae of their lives, including things that get lost in the mainstream narratives and clichés about the community. He depicts cultural confusion with amazing lightness of touch, since his focus is on multi-dimensional people rather than on big statements and because he is effortlessly funny even when telling sad stories.» Forbes India

«In The Blind Lady’s Descendants, Anees brings us the best of contemporary prose.» Earthern Lamp Journal

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