The Girl Without a Face

The Girl Without a Face

The Girl Without a Face

Original title: Kärleken som flydde
Author: Terese Cristiansson

On the 7th September of 2013 an American drone hit the car that 4-year-old Aisha and her family were travelling in. Everyone died except Aisha. After receiving treatment in a French military hospital in Kabul, Aisha suddenly goes missing. Not even her relatives were told what had happened.

Expressen’s foreign correspondent Terese Cristiansson, on assignment in Afghanistan during that time, was interviewing a city hospital doctor about the people he had treated: dismembered policemen, chidren with gunshot wounds from battle crossfire and women who had died in childbirth. “We had another case here. She came in a couple of weeks ago. A little girl who had lost her face in a drone strike. It was a very unusual case. I’ll never forget it.”

After many phone calls and emailes, Cristiansson found out that Aisha was in a hospital in Washington, under the responsability of the relief organization Solace. The news were received with joy and astonishment by Aisha’s relatives, who had never been informed about Aisha’s condition. However, Solace refused to comment further: “They probably don’t want her to become a poster girl for drone repercussions”, the family said.

The Girl Without a Face (provisional title) will be writte in the next 6-12 months and delivered in 2015 to Natur och Kultur, who pre-empted the rights after reading about the story in the press. It is a devastating yet powerful and urgent human interest story which raises the debate on the ethics behind the use of drones by the US army and the terrible so-called colateral effects of drone strikes.

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SWEDISH | Natur och Kultur

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