Wishes Are Free

Wishes Are Free


Wishes Are Free

#2 part of Kouplan Series

Original title: Önska kostar ingenting
Author: Sara Lövestam

Kouplan tries to collect 100 beer cans a day. It gives him fifty crowns at the recycling centre and it keeps him alive. The money he got from his private investigation last fall is gone, and nobody else will answer his ad. He finds the most beer cans in the rich areas, where he has few competitors. Jenny Svärd is Vice Mayor of Stockholm and anything but a fool. That’s why it is impossible that her mistress has tricked her of 200 000 crowns and then disappeared. And still, it happened. Jenny is pissed off and thoroughly embarrassed, and the only one who can hear her is the homeless guy picking the trash behind her. He claims to be a private detective.

Kouplan’s hunt for the imposter leads him to new places and new truths. “Get revenge”, is Jenny’s clear instruction. That turns out to be easier said than done. Wishes are free is the second book of the Kouplan tetralogy.

Original language

SWEDISH | Piratförlaget

Translation rights

DANISH | Aronsen Forlaget
DUTCH | Stortebeeker
ENGLISH (World) | St. Martin’s Press
FRENCH | Robert Laffont

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