Someday I Will Show You the Desert

Someday I Will Show You the Desert


Someday I Will Show You the Desert

A paternity diary

Original title: Algún día te mostraré el desierto
Author: Renato Cisneros

For a writer worried with paternity, and one who has used the figure of his father as literary artefact, the night his wife confesses that they shall become parents transforms all that has been literature and psychoanalysis into pulse and heartbeat. What is the use of words, memory and imagination in the face of the beautiful shapes drawn by the first ultrasound? How useless has it been to revisit the stories of grandmothers and patriarchs when motherhood has displayed itself, without fuss, as morally superior? And what consequences will their marriage suffer when he and his wife must assume their new roles, forced into a happiness they are perhaps incapable of?

Written with emotional urgency and boundless narrative skill, Someday I Will Show You the Desert is both the paternity diary of Renato Cisneros and a love letter that shatters the nuances of insecurity and the shadows of depression to confess one truth: the world, vast and luminous, can also be an arid labyrinth that, at times, becomes impossible to renounce.

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SPANISH (World) | Penguin Random House Peru
SPANISH (Audio) | Storytel

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