Milk Fever

Milk Fever


Milk Fever

Author: Megan Ross

& the midwife then unhitches
oceans from the sky
& I am the blood
of my first blood’s promise

In an extraordinary debut, Megan Ross writes the uneasy truths about unexpected motherhood and all its emotional detritus. In deftly and experimentally navigating the angst, joy and self-reckoning that come with the choices and misadventures of young womanhood, this is a collection that brings together the evocative with the provocative, and the feminist with the personal, in a bold and startling poetic style. Hallucinatory, image-wet, and navigating the eternal tides of spirit and body, Milk Fever is a chimeric dreamscape in which a woman reconfigures, remembers and rebirths herself.

Original language

ENGLISH (South Africa) | Uhlanga Press

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