Author: Masande Ntshanga

In 2040, the South African National Space Agency receives a mysterious package containing a memoir and a set of digital recordings from an unnamed woman who claims the world will end in ten years. Thus begins Triangulum. Haunted by visions of a mysterious machine, the narrator is a seemingly adrift seventeen-year-old girl, whose sick father never recovered from the shock of losing his wife. She struggles to navigate school, sexual experimentation, and friendship across racial barriers in post-Apartheid South Africa.

When three girls go missing from their town, the narrator is convinced that it has something to do with “the machine” and her mother, who disappeared in the nineties. Along with her friends, she discovers a puzzling book on UFOs at the library, which leads them to believe that the text holds clues to her mother’s abduction. They set out on an epic journey that takes them from their small town to an underground lab, a criminal network, and finally, a mysterious, dense forest, in search of the truth.

Original language

ENGLISH (North America) | Two Dollar Radio
ENGLISH (UK & Commonwealth) | Jacaranda Books


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