La Fabrica

La Fabrica


La Fabrica 

Author: Marilyne Fortin

Young Blaise thought he had left behind the misery of his childhood. That despite the stigma of his humble past, he would become an accomplished artist. But in year 1539, while the Renaissance extended its beautiful lights all over Europe, it hardly enlightened those who, like him, came from the darkness of the streets. Destined to a promising painting career, Blaise’s plans collapse at the sudden death of his employer, leaving him ridden with debts. He is now forced to work for Gaspar De Vallon, a scornful and ambitious surgeon. Taking advantage of not only Blaise’s talent to illustrate La Fabrica, his anatomical treaty larger than life, he also compels him to work on corpses dissections and involves Blaise in a frantic and illegal quest to unearth the bodies from the cemeteries of Paris…

However, a fortunate meeting will change this course of events: Mary Ursula, an enigmatic prostitute roaming the streets of Paris, with whom Blaise forges unlikely friendship. Captivated by the particular beauty of the young woman, his artistic spirit is rekindled and with it, his determination to overcome any obstabcle that may come his way.

Original language

FRENCH (Canada) | Québec Amérique
FRENCH (France) | City Éditions


  • Shortlisted for the Governor General Award 2015

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