Untouchable Blood

Untouchable Blood


Untouchable Blood

Original title: Sangre intocable
Author: Maribel Medina

A ruthless murderer is spreading terror among the cast known as the ‘untouchables’ in Varanasi. What is the connection between the big pharmaceutical corporations and a young girl from the chaotic city of the Ganges?

Shortly after uncovering a scandal involving the international doping mafia network, Thomas Connors, a handsome Interpol agent based in Lyon, sees himself tangled in a new and very strange case. The body of an old childhood friend of his appears on the streets of Lyon, where the victim had intended to hand Thomas an important message saved on a pen-drive.

With the help of forensic doctor Laura Therraux, who finally fulfilled her dream of becoming pregnant, Thomas will follow the lead left by his murdered friend all the way to the fascinating city of Varanasi.

Meanwhile, in India, a young girl named Tanika is forced to flee after the mysterious death of her parents – found killed with their tongues cut off – a death that hides the key to some sinister practices carried out by someone hiding behind the shadow of ‘the eliminator’… Thomas and Laura, together with Varanasi police agents Dulal and Umed, as well as long-time friend and DEA agent George, will put their lives at high risk to unveil who is responsible for the murders in Lyon and Varanasi, and how they are connected.

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