Zoé, Fantastic!

Zoé, Fantastic!


Zoé, Fantastic!

#3 of The Lola & Friends Series

Original title: Fantastique!
Author: Luce Michel

This is Zoé’s story. Zoé and Lola have been friends since high school. It comes as a surprise, considering how different they are. Lola has always been a free spirit, a party girl.  Zoé is quieter. She was a good student, she didn’t date. Her worry was to make sure she would pass her exams.

She has her own addiction, though: she reads a lot of self-improvement books, hoping to find in their pages the answers she is seeking.

Zoé has been married forever (according to Lola) and has three kids. But the family life takes its toll and lately Zoé has started to dream about another life, another love.

How do you fight against the burden of the daily life? How to stay a couple when you have to raise kids, work, find some me-time? How do you love when you have been sleeping with your other half for fifteen years? These are the questions running wildly in Zoé’s mind. Will she find any answers in her readings?

Original language

FRENCH | Pygmalion / Flammarion

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