Original Title: La ràbia
Author: Lolita Bosch

«My name is Lolita Bosch. I write. I am a journalist and an activist for peace. I like how I am living my own life. I am a mother. I am 45 years old. However, until now, I had never been brave enough to say publicly, and out loud, that when I was a teenager, between the age of 14 and 17, I was bullied. I had to look for other victims, almost 30 years later, to be able to talk about me. I’ve found many. They are everywhere. It seems that 6% of underage students are bullied in extreme ways. And a higher percentage are bullied in a severe and dangerous way –almost always in silence.

As hard as it is to believe, the truth is there are hundreds of teachers, directors and instructors in many schools that do nothing, say nothing and do not protect the victims. They not even look at them. Nowadays. Today. And 30 years ago, when I was one of those victims.

I am now in an event with teenagers from towns and schools from all over the country. These days I talk with many students, many teenagers who try to explain to me how they live everything that happens to them. And I do it now, with some guilt, some sadness. Never before I had been brave enough to meet with them, listen to them, ask them how they are doing, what do they need. Never before I had been brave enough to see myself reflected in them. I had never wanted to be them. I had never wanted to be them, at their age»

Rage is a novel about being bullied when you are a teenager. Rage is not a YA novel: it’s a novel for everyone. An important one, an even braver one, told in first person. The account of many –way too many– bullied teens, from now and from 30 years ago. A novel everyone ought to read.

Original language

CATALAN | Ara Llibres

Translation rights

SPANISH | Círculo de Lectores
SPANISH (Audio) | Storytel

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