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Original title: Pulang
Author: Leila S. Chudori

Home (Pulang) by Leila S Chudori is remarkable fictional account of the impact of the September 30 Movement of 1965. This “movement,” blamed by military leaders on the Indonesian Communist Party, led to the murder of a million or more presumed Communists and the imprisonment of tens of thousands  resumed leftists and sympathizers. Thousands of Indonesian citizens who were abroad at the time had their passports revoked and were left to live in exile. Thereafter, history was manipulated by the Soeharto government to portray its involvement in this atrocity in a favorable light. A whole generation of Indonesians was raised in world of forced silence, where facts were suppressed and left unspoken.

While the tumultuous events of 1965 are the backdrop of the story, Home is not a novel about ideology or political power. Going back and forth, both temporally and geographically, between Jakarta and Paris in 1965 and 1998, Home is about the lives of the Indonesian exiles, their families and friends, including those left behind in Indonesia. This story is one of love, lust, and betrayal but one that also includes laughter, adventure and food.

Original language

BAHASA INDONESIA | Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia

Translation rights

DUTCH | De Geus
ENGLISH (South East Asia) | Lontar
ENGLISH (North America) | Deep Vellum Publishing
GERMAN | Weidle Verlag
ITALIAN | Atmosphere Libri

«Pulang is a novel I’ve been waiting to read — a book of grandeur and intimacy, love and brutality, a book that envelops you into the cultural, historical and geographical vortex that is Indonesia, without for once ever losing its eagle-eyed focus on the human soul. This is an important work, sophisticated, wise and poignant from a novelist at the height of her powers.» Karin Raslan, The Jakarta Globe

«This novel lifted grey shadows from the history of our country, not in terms of political and ideological understandings, but more from the point of view of those who were lost, who were separated from their families, figures who longed for a home they couldn’t return to.» Goodreads

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