The Eldest Cousin

The Eldest Cousin


The Eldest Cousin

Original title: La cosina gran
Author: Laura Gost

A coming of age story of a girl into womanhood, and an entangled love triangle with a Mediterranean backdrop.

Rosa is only twelve years old when her older cousin is orphaned, and she is forced to share a room with her. After the hasty move, the protagonist soon finds that her cousin represents everything she refuses to tolerate; Tina is an irresponsible, ungrateful and troublesome girl. But, little by little, Rosa will begin to realize that behind the things that repel her from Tina hides something that she longs for herself: to be an extroverted, powerful and sexy young woman capable of leaving her mark on the daily life of the Mediterranean town they live in.

It will be precisely these differences that will determine the adolescent years of both, that time when ingenuity and maturity mix so crudely. A clash of mentalities that will be fully unleashed with the arrival of the three members of the Montsó family to the neighborhood. Can a love triangle shake the relationship the two cousins have with the world, femininity and themselves?

The Eldest Cousin handles this coming of age story with the clarity and narrative intelligence of a Goya-winning screenwriter. Laura Gost is here to stay.

Original language

CATALAN | Lleonard Muntaner
CATALAN (Audio) | Audible

Translation rights

ITALIAN | DeA Planeta Libri Narrativa
SPANISH | Temas de Hoy / Planeta

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