A Vineyard by a River

A Vineyard by a River


A Vineyard by a River

Author: John J. Healey

Set in 1999, A Vineyard by a River tells the story of Jake Bennett, scion of a wealthy American family, who is visiting his estranged uncle Gordon in rural Andalusia. Bruised from a recent divorce, Jake is enjoying a brief break from his demanding Wall Street job. But he soon finds himself drawn inescapably into Gordon´s world: his idyllic finca set in citrus groves; his glamorous Spanish wife, Raquel; his wine business; and his alluring yet enigmatic employee, Fatima, whose disinterest seems impossible to penetrate.

When Gordon reveals a secret that shatters all Jake thought he knew, he is forced to re-evaluate what matters most to him: work, family, responsibility or personal happiness.

Old-world liberalism collides with new-world conservatism in this cinematic, sun-soaked story of American family and Spanish history; of buried truths and blossoming love; and of one man’s awakening.

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