Seventeen Suitcases

Seventeen Suitcases


Seventeen Suitcases

Original Title: Les dix-sept valises
Author: Isabelle Bary

Alicia Zitouni is the kind of woman for whom everything goes wrong. Of Moroccan origin, she was born in Belgium, but feels at home in neither country. She has led a life marked by hostile surroundings: restricted, oppressed and subject to the will of men. And yet, Alicia shines. She exudes a joie de vivre that allows her throw her arms wide open to whatever comes her way.


When Mathilde Lambert – a young woman for whom nothing ever goes wrong – decides to write a novel inspired by Alicia’s extraordinary story, she never imagines that the project will impact her subject´s life.


By slipping into her heroine´s skin, Mathilde will find a way to understand an existence that is the antithesis of her own. She will enter the invisible realms of belief and imagination, and be transformed by a poetic perspective on the world. She will finally understand why, of the two of them, it is Alicia whose smile shines brightest.


Seventeen Suitcases is a spellbinding portrait of a woman with a difficult past who finds freedom through her unique outlook on life, and transforms hardship into joy.

What if we all had that strength?

Original language

FRENCH | Éditions Luce Wilquin

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