Lucky Girl

Lucky Girl

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Lucky Girl

Author: Irene Muchemi-Ndiritu

New York City, 2001. Soila is an American college graduate working as an investment banker, who was raised by a tiger mother in Kenya. Along the way to maturity, she finds herself in deep turmoil when she falls in love with an African American man whose values defy all of her own. In the end, she must choose between losing her stubborn mother and the only family she’s ever known, – turning her back on her culture and possibly never returning to live in her homeland – or losing the greatest love of her life.

A modern love story and a gut-wrenching mother-daughter tale about the complex bonds of family, faith and culture, Lucky Girl is also an unflinching reflection on race in America from an African perspective. It’s the coming-of-age of a young woman who experiences devastating loss and grief and, through it all, gains self-knowledge. In the end, she faces a difficult choice: can she break free from her mother’s grasp and discover what authentic living really is?

Original language

ENGLISH (World) | The Dial Press/PRH
ENGLISH (South Africa) | BBB/Jacana Media

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