The Veterans

The Veterans



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The Veterans

Original Title: La vielle garde
Author: Francis Zamponi

Geraldine is a 30-years-old ideal housewife, just like her husband Christophe likes. They lead a quiet life in a small town in southern France. Two events disrupt Geraldine’s routine: her husband loses his IT job and her uncle, a retired captain, dies, leaving her a legacy of military weapons.
To earn some money and cover debts, Geraldine begins to sell this collection without his husband knowing. During a tricky transaction, a bullet is shot by accident and a buyer is seriously injured. Geraldine takes him to the local hospital and drives away.

She will then meet Germaine, a retired military nurse who will help her hide from being discovered by the wounded’s family. All these events will lead to an action-packed ending in which Geraldine will have to rethink everything that she had taken for granted in her life.

Behind this story, told with humor and cynism, underlays what is still a big taboo in French society: the almost-civil-war in France when De Gaulle decided to give Algeria its independence. The forced return to France of millions of people obliged to abandon their Algerian roots. A topic that remains one of the big issues behind racial tensions in France.

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