The Meadow of the Butterflies

The Meadow of the Butterflies



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The Meadow of the Butterflies

Original title: El pantano de las mariposas
Author: Federico Axat

Year after year, people keep going missing under mysterious circumstances in Carnival Falls. Some residents are sure the tragedies have no relation to each other, while still others are convinced something far more sinister than simple accident underlies these baffling deaths.

In 1985, 12-year-old Sam and Billy have big expectations for the summer ahead.  However when pretty Miranda moves to town, everything is turned upside down. Together they embark on the intricate road from childhood to adolescence, an unexpected adventure that could unravel the mystery of their town´s disappearances…

A coming-of-age novel rife with startling suspense and moments of fantasy, The Meadow of the Butterflies immerses the reader in Axat´s fascinating world, culminating in an astonishing final twist no one will see coming.

Original language

SPANISH | Destino / Grupo Planeta

Rights Sold

COMPLEX CHINESE | Doing Publishing
FRENCH | City Éditions
GERMAN | Langen Müller / Herbig
PORTUGUESE (Brazil) | Alaúde Editora / Tordesilhas

«This is an absolutely beautiful novel. Side by side with on old-world flair and a certain timeless tone, some elements of both style and plot occasionally break into sharp, ground-breaking components. One of these would be the end of the novel. Well, well, well, what an end! » Ediciones Destino

«The Meadow of the Butterflies has it all: a well-built story, characters easy to identify with, the appropriate balance in the plot, and beautiful writing that endows the reading with a really special charm.» Blog Planeta de Libros

«Federico Axat provides us with a portrait of what friendship means in the most difficult moments. A walk from childhood into adolescence, a tough story, with another excellent final twist. You will discover, with this novel, why Axat is one of the best renowned authors of recent years.» Crónicas Literarias desde NY

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