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Author: Eloísa Díaz

From debut writer Eloísa Díaz comes a noir with a twist – combining Latin American crime novel with family saga, it offers a thoughtful and gripping exploration of the moral complexities of Argentina’s tumultuous past, and of the price we are prepared to pay to save the people we hold most dear.

Set in Argentina and intertwining two timeframes, one during the last dictatorship in the early 80s, and the other amidst the 2001 revolts that eventually ousted the president, Repentance is a debut noir delving into the disappeared.

Inspector Alzada’s work in the Buenos Aires police force during the Dirty War exposes him to the many realities of life under a repressive military regime: desperate people, angry people – but, most of all, missing people. Personally, he prefers to stay out of politics, favouring a steady job and domesticity with his wife Paula over the path taken by his hot-headed revolutionary brother, Jorge. But when Jorge is disappeared, Alzada knows he will stop at nothing to recover him, in a race against the clock that will force him to choose between the pragmatism that has always safeguarded his survival and his newfound convictions.

In 2001, Alzada is still an inspector. He’s burnt out, frustrated that he hasn’t been able to affect real change, and convinced of the futility of yet another doomed Argentinean attempt at democracy. Alzada is determined to remain a detached bystander, to keep his head down in anticipation of a peaceful retirement with Paula and the nephew they’ve raised together.

However, all his plans are derailed as the revolts gain traction and a young woman’s dead body lands in the dumpster behind the morgue on the same day a woman from one of the city´s wealthiest families goes missing.

An unnerving debut novel for readers of Elizabeth Day, Petros Márkaris, and the most upmarket literary thrillers, as well as dark literary fiction.

Original language

ENGLISH (World) | Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Translation rights

FRENCH | Le Masque/JC Lattès
GERMAN | Hoffmann und Campe
ITALIAN | Piemme/Mondadori
SPANISH | Seix Barral/Planeta

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