The Wonders

The Wonders


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The Wonders

Original title: Las maravillas
Author: Elena Medel

María and Alicia were born in two different eras and, despite this, their lives are running in parallel: their childhood and adolescence, their early youth and their arrival at maturity.

At a crucial moment in her life, María will decide what consequences she will have to take to change her family’s life in a humble neighborhood in the south for a life, without a past, in the big city. Several decades later, Alicia repeats the very same decision and chooses the same path, building a life in solitude, shared apartments and precarious jobs.

What is the weight of family in our lives, and what is the weight of money in our lives? What happens when a mother decides not to take care of a daughter, and what happens when a daughter decides not to take care of a mother? How long do we have to amend what we have failed?

The Wonders is a bildungsroman in which we see how money, family and social class mark the lives of two women from two different generations. An honest and lyrical portrayal of working-class women, inflicted by precariousness and patriarchy, who are plagued by the same doubt: would their lives have been different had they been born in another place, at another time, in another body?

Elena Medel’s highly anticipated debut novel is a novel in the classical sense of the term, entirely contemporary, that explores the portrayal of women, family and social class. Intertwined lives on the outskirts of a large city, Madrid, from the last years of the dictatorship to the present day.

Original language

SPANISH (World) | Anagrama

Translation rights

ENGLISH (UK & Comm. excl. Canada) | Pushkin Press
GERMANY | Suhrkamp
GREEK | Patakis

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