The Wonders

The Wonders


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The Wonders

Original title: Las maravillas
Author: Elena Medel

María and Alicia were born in two different eras and, despite this, their lives are running in parallel: their childhood and adolescence, their early youth and their arrival at maturity.

At a crucial moment in her life, María will decide what consequences she will have to take to change her family’s life in a humble neighborhood in the south for a life, without a past, in the big city. Several decades later, Alicia repeats the very same decision and chooses the same path, building a life in solitude, shared apartments and precarious jobs.

What is the weight of family in our lives, and what is the weight of money in our lives? What happens when a mother decides not to take care of a daughter, and what happens when a daughter decides not to take care of a mother? How long do we have to amend what we have failed?

The Wonders is a bildungsroman in which we see how money, family and social class mark the lives of two women from two different generations. An honest and lyrical portrayal of working-class women, inflicted by precariousness and patriarchy, who are plagued by the same doubt: would their lives have been different had they been born in another place, at another time, in another body?

Elena Medel’s highly anticipated debut novel is a novel in the classical sense of the term, entirely contemporary, that explores the portrayal of women, family and social class. Intertwined lives on the outskirts of a large city, Madrid, from the last years of the dictatorship to the present day.

Original language

SPANISH (World) | Anagrama

Translation rights

DUTCH | Meridiaan Uitgevers
ENGLISH (UK & Comm. excl. Canada) | Pushkin Press
GERMANY | Suhrkamp
GREEK | Patakis
ITALIAN |  Einaudi
PORTUGUESE (Portugal) | Dom Quixote

Andrés Neuman, Review: Very rarely do natural talents, linguistic discipline, and emotional rawness coincide. That is the case of Elena Medel, one of the great young poets of our language, whose first novel unfolds a history of crude intimacies, subtle roughness and luminous sadness, who works from the class conscience with moral force, stylistic precision and narrative honesty. 

Javier Rodríguez Marcos, Babelia, El País, Review: If we were academics, we’d say that narration and style go hand in hand in a literary wonder that is absolutely personal yet reminds you of the audacity of Virgina Woolf, Carmen Laforet’s atmosphere and the sharpness of Rafael Chirbes. If we were journalists, we would say that one of Spain’s best poets has become one of its most important novelists. 

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